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  • Friday, September 4, 2015
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Luo Baoming (羅保銘)

Luo Baoming (羅保銘)

Luo Baoming is the party secretary of Hainan province

Born: 1952

Birthplace: Tianjin

Country of Citizenship: China

Education: BA in History, Nankai University


2012- Secretary, Provincial People's Congress, Standing Committee CPC Leading Party Group Hainan Province

2012- Director, Provincial People's Congress, Standing Committee Hainan Province

2011- Secretary, CPC Provincial Committee Hainan Province

2007-2012 Governor, People's Government Hainan Province

2007- Member, 17th CPC Central Committee

2002-2007 Alternate Member, 16th CPC Central Committee

2002-2002 Director, CPC Provincial Committee, Publicity Department Hainan Province

2001-2011 Deputy Secretary, CPC Provincial Committee Hainan Province

1997-2001 Member, CPC, Municipal Committee, Standing Committee Tianjin Municipality

1997-2001 Director, CPC Municipal Committee, Publicity Department Tianjin Municipality

1997-2002 Alternate Member, 15th CPC Central Committee

1995-2001 Director, Commerce Committee Tianjin Municipality

1992-1995 Head, People's Government Tianjin, Dagang District

1992-1995 Deputy Secretary, CPC District Committee Tianjin, Dagang District

1985-1992 Director, CYLC Municipal-Level Tianjin Municipality

1984-1985 Director, CYLC Municipal-Level, Research Office Tianjin Municipality

1984-1985 Deputy Secretary, CYLC Municipal-Level Tianjin Municipality

1981-1984 Cadre, CYLC Municipal-Level Tianjin Municipality

1978-1981 Student, Tianjin Normal University, Chinese Department Tianjin Municipality

1973-1978 Deputy Secretary, CPC Party Branch Tianjin Municipality (3rd Radio Components Factory)

1971 Joined CPC

1969-1973 Chief, Production and Construction Corps Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

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