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  • Friday, July 31, 2015
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Huang Qifan (黃奇帆)

Huang Qifan (黃奇帆)

Huang Qifan is mayor of Chongqing municipality. He joined the Communist Party in 1976 and spent his earlier career working in the Shanghai government before becoming deputy mayor of Chongqing from 2001-2009, eventually becoming mayor in 2010 after a year filling the role in an acting capacity.

Born: May, 1952.

Birthplace: Zhuji, Zhejiang province.

Country of Citizenship: China

Profession: Politician

Education: Graduated from Shanghai Mechanics College


2010- Mayor, Chongqing Municipality

2009-2010 Acting mayor, Chongqing Municipality

2001-2009 Vice-mayor, Chongqing Municipality

1998-2001 Deputy secretary-general, Shanghai government, Director, Municipal Economic Commission, Deputy secretary, Municipal Working Party

1996 Deputy secretary-general, Shanghai party committee

1994 Deputy secretary-general, Shanghai party committee

1993 Deputy director, Shanghai Pudong New Area Administrative Committee

1990 Deputy director, Shanghai Pudong Development Zone

1987 Director, Shanghai Economic Information Center

1984 Deputy director, integrated planning office of the Shanghai Municipal Economic Commission

1983 Deputy director, Shanghai coking factory

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