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  • Saturday, September 5, 2015
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Eric Chu (朱立倫)

Eric Chu (朱立倫)

Eric Chu has been the mayor of New Taipei (former Taipei county) from the end of December 2010 and chair of the Kuomintang since January 2015. He previously served as a vice premier of Taiwan and magistrate of Taoyuan county.

Chu is currently viewed as the most prominent rising star within the KMT, as Ma Ying-jeou was before him. During his career as a legislator, Chu focused on financial and economic issues. He was awarded an Eisenhower Fellowship in 2003.

Born: 1961

Birthplace: Taoyuan, Taiwan

Country of Citizenship: Taiwan

Profession: Politician

Marital Status: Married

Education: PhD, Accounting, New York University


2014-present Chairman, Kuomintang (KMT)

2010-present New Taipei City Mayor

2008-present Vice Chairman, KMT

2009-2010 Vice Premier, Taiwan

2001-2009 Magistrate, Taoyuan County

1999-2002 Legislator, Legislative Yuan

1992-2001 Professor, National Taiwan University

1990-1992 Assistant Professor, City University of New York

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