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Shenzhen Metro Wi-Fi users don't know what a trial period is

Staff Reporter 2014-08-20 12:51 (GMT+8)
A ceremony held to launch the test phase for the Wi-Fi network, July 30. (File photo/CFP)

A ceremony held to launch the test phase for the Wi-Fi network, July 30. (File photo/CFP)

Passengers on the Shenzhen Metro trying to access the system's new Wi-Fi have complained that the network cannot be accessed or cuts out frequently. The network, which uses pioneering technology to allow coverage throughout the metro system, is still being tested.

Shenzhen Metro Group and Southern Galaxy Valley Co last month announced the metro system will be China's first to adopt free Wi-Fi, Guangzhou's Southern Daily reports. On July 30, Shenzhen Metro lines 1 and 2 started Wi-Fi services, covering not just the stations but also trains.

Shenzhen Metro solves the problem of losing Wi-Fi coverage in between stations, said Southern Galaxy chief Zhou Fazhan, adding such technology will be the first in both China and the world.

But during the test operations, passengers have complained of problems getting online, especially during the morning and evening rush hours, and the system has at times suspended issuing login authentication codes.

A survey by local website Sznews.com collected 452 responses to show that 46.5% of users failed to obtain a login authentication code; 44.7% said they could not access the Wi-Fi, and those that did reported a weak signal or slow internet speed.

A Southern Galaxy spokesperson said the company is using brand-new technology on the Shenzhen Metro project and consequently needs to identify problems during the trial period.

For safety reasons, there had been a weaker signal in the first and last cars of the train, Nos. 1 and 6. It was discovered however that these two cars saw the heaviest Wi-Fi use during the test phase. The metro will try to boost the signal in these two cars, the spokesperson said.

Shenzhen Metro aims to provide a free and high-quality networking experience for Shenzhen residents but it cannot promise that every passenger can access the network, the spokesperson said.

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