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HK man hid bodies of lover and son in Shenzhen for 14 years

Staff Reporter 2014-06-05 10:21 (GMT+8)
A residential building in the Buji subdistrict, Shenzhen. (File photo/CFP)

A residential building in the Buji subdistrict, Shenzhen. (File photo/CFP)

A Hong Kong man is suspected of killing his mistress and son and hiding their bodies for 14 years in Shenzhen's Buji subdistrict, reports local newspaper Ming Pao.

The bodies were discovered recently by cleaners hired by a landlord to clean up two rooms on the 8th floor of a building that he had been leasing to a man surnamed Kan since 2000. The man paid rent every three months until May, when he failed to pay for the second quarter. The landlord called his tenant, who promised to return from Hong Kong in a few days to pay, and gave permission to the landlord to bring cleaners in.

On May 3, the landlord allowed the cleaners into the rooms, whereupon one of them noticed a foul smell coming from a plastic bag beneath a bed in one of the rooms which was covered in dust. The cleaner found human bones inside the bag and called the police. The room had been left idle for years.

Police suspect Kan of renting the rooms to hide the bodies and arrested him when he returned to Shenzhen. The police found Kan was married and had children in Hong Kong but began an affair with a woman nicknamed Xiao Yi in her 20s who gave birth a son in 1998.

Kan initially paid his mistress's living expenses but fell into debt because of gambling and could not afford to support Xiao Yi and her son on his salary as a warehouse assistant. In May 2000, Kan strangled Xiao Yi and the boy in their sleep and sealed their bodies in plastic film before placing the remains into a plastic bag. He put the bodies in a cardboard box filled with electrical appliances when he moved into the rooms.

Xiao Yi is understood to have lost contact with her family in rural China, with the result that no one went looking for her when she disappeared.

Kan stored the bodies in one of the rooms and lived himself in the other. The murders were apparently discovered because Kan neglected to tell the landlord which room should be cleaned and which left undisturbed so that the cleaners entered the room where the bodies were stored.

They remained hidden for 14 years since the rooms were on the top floor where no one would go and because the landlord asked no questions of tenants as long as they paid their rent on time.

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