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Photos published of China's DF-15C bunker buster

Staff Reporter 2014-06-03 08:31 (GMT+8)
China's DF-15C short-range ballistic missiles. (Internet Photo)

China's DF-15C short-range ballistic missiles. (Internet Photo)

The Second Artillery Corps, China's strategic missile force, recently released photos of its DF-15C short-range ballistic missile equipped with a deep-penetration warhead in Ordnance Knowledge, a magazine published by the People's Liberation Army.

A photo of the DF-15C was seen for the first time in 2007, according to a report from the state-run Global Times. The missile can be directed to its target with a terminal radar guidance system or infrared imaging guidance system. With a range of 700 kilometers, the circular error probability is between 15-20 meters. This range covers any target between Kyushu in Japan and the Indian capital of New Delhi.

The missile was originally designed to destroy underground command centers or other major military facilities in response to Taiwan's asymmetric warfare tactics. One of the key targets is the Heng Shan Military Command Center in Taipei that was designed in 1978 as a wartime military command center capable of withstanding a 20 kiloton nuclear blast, a 2 kiloton conventional bomb blast or an EM pulse.

The Chiashan Air Force Base, located in the east coastal city of Hualien, is another major target.

As a 'bunker buster,' the missile's most successful strike is psychological, said the report. Through destroying the ROC's command centers on Taiwan, the island's military would not be able to coordinate an effective resistance against invading PLA troops.

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