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Cute 'panda' puppies cause sensation in China

  • Staff Reporter
  • 2014-02-24
  • 17:17 (GMT+8)
One of the viral photographs of the three

One of the viral photographs of the three "panda" puppies, taken in Yancheng, Jiangsu province, Feb. 22. (Photo/Xinhua)

Two of the puppies with their owner Ye Qunying, Feb. 22. (Photo/Xinhua)

Three puppies owned by a family in Yancheng in eastern China's Jiangsu province have become overnight superstars for their uncanny resemblance to panda cubs, reports the state-owned China News Service

Born last month, the three "panda" puppies — with white bodies, black eye circles, black ears, black legs and black tails — come from a litter of six born to a local mongrel mother and sired by a stray white Pekingese father.

Ye Qunying, the owner of the puppies, has denied dyeing their fur, saying that they did not initially look like pandas and only gradually grew to look this way. To make the puppies appear even more like pandas, the owner found some bamboo sticks for them to play with.

The panda puppies have attracted visitors from far and wide, though one of them has already been given away. The owner said her family and friends are currently fighting over the remaining pups.


Ye Qunying 葉群英

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