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Wang Yu-chi urges China to knock down the Great Firewall

  • Staff Reporter
  • 2014-02-14
  • 17:27 (GMT+8)
Wang Yu-chi, center, visits Shanghai Television on Feb. 13. (File photo/CNS)

Wang Yu-chi, center, visits Shanghai Television on Feb. 13. (File photo/CNS)

The head of Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council, Wang Yu-chi, urged the Chinese government on Feb. 13 to lift its ban against certain Taiwanese websites to allow people in mainland China access to more diversified information through the internet.

"I hope that more Taiwanese films, TV programs and pop music will be seen and heard in China in the future," Wang said.

Wang made his remarks when he was visiting Shanghai Television on Thursday afternoon.

"Taiwanese people have no problems visiting Chinese websites but Chinese people have lots of problems visiting websites based in Taiwan. I hope this can be changed in the future," Wang said.

While China's authorities have requested more than once that bans should be lifted against its journalists to allow them to be stationed in Taiwan permanently, Wang implied this will not happen before Beijing lifts its ban against certain websites and Taiwanese newspapers so that they can be published in China, as well as unblocking broadcasts by Taiwanese radio stations.

In response, China's Taiwan Affairs Office said that China does not rule the nation's internet but "manages" it according to the law.




Wang Yu-chi  王郁琦

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