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Chengdu woman uses billboard ads to find Mr Right

Staff Reporter 2014-01-11 16:15 (GMT+8)
Huang Lijuan's photoshoot for the billboard ads. (Photo/Weibo)

Huang Lijuan's photoshoot for the billboard ads. (Photo/Weibo)

A woman in Chengdu in southwestern China's Sichuan province has placed a series of billboard ads to look for a suitable marriage partner. The billboards can be seen at all of city's 200 bus stops, costing an average 1 million yuan (US$165,300) a day.

The billboards, which are 10 meters long and four meters wide, feature Huang Lijuan, 28, dressed in a white gown riding a horse, along with a caption reading "I have a house, car and savings... looking for Mr Right and a happy 2014."

Huang is said to have taken the action after years of pressure from her family to get married. The move caused a stir on the internet, drawing 12,000 comments on Sina Weibo as of 18:30 on Jan. 1. Some netizens suspected that the ad may in fact be a marketing ploy or a way for Huang to become famous overnight, while others said it underscored her sincerity in making friends.

After media outlets picked up the story, they found that Huang works as a marketing manager at a local realty firm. She confirmed to reporters the authenticity of the ad, however adding that the ad space was offered by her company free of charge to fill a vacuum caused by a delayed rollout of a housing project.

Huang said that due to her busy work schedule, she has no time to socialize and meet a potential partner. Pressure from relatives also prompted her to accept the company's offer, she added.

"He must be clean, positive, caring towards parents, responsible, although handsomeness is not a prerequisite," said Huang, adding that love will also be an important factor.

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