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Doctors warn against human milk soap on China's web

Staff Reporter 2014-01-05 09:06 (GMT+8)
A mother breastfeeds her baby. (Photo/CFP)

A mother breastfeeds her baby. (Photo/CFP)

Some mothers in China are utilizing the e-commerce boom and some simple DIY instructions to sell soap made from breast milk left over from feeding their babies. Despite claims that the homemade products whiten and protect the skin, doctors have begun to discourage their use, reports the Hong Kong-based Wen Wei Po.

Thousands of human milk soap products can be found on Taobao, China's leading e-commerce platform. Some claim they are freshly made; others claim to use their own breast milk.

"I made it from my own milk. Look! My son is here," a soap seller on the internet told an undercover reporter from the Hunan-based news website Huasheng Xianshang. "Will the soap have bacteria?" asked the reporter. The seller replied: "No. I sold over 300 pieces. The customers all said the soap is good."

Another seller told the reporter that she learned how to make human milk soap on the internet and tried to make some by herself.

Instructions on the internet are easily accessible and take only a few steps to your own handmade creations.

While doctors affirm human milk's rich variety of nutrients, they cannot claim that the soap is able to beautify the skin. The active matter contained in the milk is destroyed, so there are few nutrients left, said one doctor. If the mother who provides the milk is not in good health, it is likely that the soap could even transmit disease.

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