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Newly purchased iPhone 5S explodes in Shenzhen

  • Staff Reporter
  • 2013-12-19
  • 11:14 (GMT+8)
An image of the iPhone 5S after the explosion. (Internet Photo)

An image of the iPhone 5S after the explosion. (Internet Photo)

A man in Shenzhen in southern China's Guangdong province has reported that his newly purchased iPhone 5S exploded in front of him, reports Guangzhou's Southern Metropolis Daily.

The phone owner, surnamed Yu, said he had purchased the smartphone in Hong Kong and was in the process of setting it up when it began to overheat. "I felt the phone was a bit hot but I didn't think too much of it," he said. However, a few minutes later gray smoke came out of the phone's microphone and it exploded, he said.

"It was like the sound of a balloon exploding," Yu said, adding that it set off the building's fire alarm and security guards came with extinguishers thinking something was on fire.

Yu claims that the battery turned to ash after the explosion although the screen and case were still intact. He immediately reported the incident to a local Apple store and was later directed to Applecare in Shanghai. The phone will now be sent to the US for analysis.

An Applecare representative told the paper that they will deliver Yu a new iPhone 5S and respond to him as soon as possible.

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