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Chairman of Shenzhen phone maker CECT arrested for rape

  • Staff Reporter
  • 2013-12-14
  • 13:05 (GMT+8)
Wu Zhiyang in an undated photo. (Photo/CFP)

Wu Zhiyang in an undated photo. (Photo/CFP)

Wu Zhiyang, chairman of listed Shenzhen-based company CECT, has been detained for raping a woman at her home in November this year. The man reportedly offered money to the woman in an attempt to persuade her not to report the assault to the police, reports the Chinese-language Beijing Times.

The businessman became chairman of the company, which produces knock-offs of brand-name cell phones, soon after his father, telecom equipment tycoon Wu Ruilin, bought CECT in 2002. The company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2007, becoming the first Chinese mobile phone maker listed on the exchange. Wu was named one of the ten most influential people in business in the same year and the youngest chairman of a listed company at age 34.

The woman, a CEO and a golf coach surnamed Jin, became acquainted with Wu after a mutual friend introduced them in June this year. They met in person for the first time in November when she returned from a business trip and Wu offered to pick her up from the airport. After they arrived at her home, Wu said he wanted to enter Jin's home but was refused. They subsequently kept in touch through mobile messaging app WeChat, although Jin said Wu had not left her with a good impression. Wu repeatedly asked to visit Jin late at night, which added to her dislike of him, she said.

On Nov. 13, Wu claimed he needed to consult with Jin and insisted on visiting her in the evening. He showed up drunk at her door. Jin let him in because he was a friend of a friend and then he proceeded to rape her. After kicking Wu out, she called her friend and the police. She was escorted to hospital for a medical examination to obtain DNA and physical evidence.

Wu called the next day, saying that he had acted while intoxicated and offering money to settle the matter. When Jin refused, he asked a friend to tell her he would offer 500,000 yuan (US$82,400) in compensation. "He asked me how much I want. I think his words are an insult to women and people like him should be punished in accordance with the law," said Jin. Wu constantly texted Jin over the following days, causing her additional psychological stress. Jin could reportedly not sleep well for half a month and was constantly worried that the DNA and physical evidences might not prove conclusive.

Wu went to ground after he learned police were searching for him. Police went to his home in early December to make an arrest but Wu was not home. Two hours later he turned himself in at a police station.




Wu Zhiyang  吳志陽

CECT  中電通信科技有限責任公司

Wu Ruilin 吳瑞林

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