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Beijing's transvestite prostitutes doing well in embassy district

Staff Reporter 2013-11-27 08:51 (GMT+8)
Streetwalkers in Beijing's embassy district. (Photo/CFP)

Streetwalkers in Beijing's embassy district. (Photo/CFP)

Streetwalkers, as prostitutes who ply their trade on streets are known in China, are reportedly doing good business in Beijing's embassy district, even the men in women's clothes, reports the local Beijing Times.

An undercover reporter for the paper was approached by "Rongrong" near the Yansha bridge in Beijing's Chaoyang district, set against the backdrop of foreign embassies. The woman offered 200 yuan (US$33) for sexual intercourse, whereupon the reporter was ushered to a small park nearby. Condoms littered the ground.

Rongrong quickly explained that the chances of getting nabbed by the police are even greater if they went indoors. The reporter complained of the cold weather and bailed out of the deal, only to found out later from other prostitutes in the area that Rongrong is actually a man. In fact, among the more than 20 streetwalkers strolling the embassy district, four of them are male.

The men have not had any surgery and are completely normal, vouched the other women. They reportedly do good business, usually in forested areas of the city.

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