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Freak 5kg rat caught and eaten in Hunan village

  • Staff Reporter
  • 2013-10-01
  • 08:43 (GMT+8)
A villager holds the giant rat by the tail. (Internet photo)

A villager holds the giant rat by the tail. (Internet photo)

The Godzilla rat that had been terrorizing local Hunan farmers and devouring whole fish has finally been caught. Not to waste the catch, the farmers promptly served it up as a dish, reports the Hunan-based Sanxiang Metropolis Daily.

There were rumored sightings of the freakishly large rats around a village pond in Shaoyang county, where they were said to be preying on fish. Farmers attempting to capture them finally nabbed one of the rodents on Sept. 25. The rat was almost a meter long and weighed 5kg.

The rat would wade into the pond and drag fish weighing as much as 3kg onto the shore before feasting. Several villagers surrounded it with makeshift weapons and killed it.

An 80-year-old villager said he had never seen such a huge rat.

The villagers made the rat into a dish but reportedly broke two cooking knives in the process because they could not cleave the rat's thick bones.

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