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All you can see: Changsha buffet's bikini waitresses

Staff Reporter 2013-04-15 09:48 (GMT+8)
The waitresses at Jin Xiang Bao in Changsha. (Photo/CFP)

The waitresses at Jin Xiang Bao in Changsha. (Photo/CFP)

A restaurant in central China's Hunan province is raising eyebrows for its new uniform, requiring its waitresses to wear pink-colored bikinis, reports the local Changsha Evening News.

Jin Xiang Bao, a seafood buffet restaurant in the provincial capital of Changsha, recently implemented a new policy requiring all of its waitresses to work in bikinis. Meanwhile, its male employees are also required to wear white T-shirts and boardshorts in a similar beach theme.

A manager told reporters that the new dress code is a marketing tool stemming from the restaurant's seafood offerings. We have our waitresses dress in bikinis to match the image of the sun, sea and sand, he said.

A waitress surnamed Chen said that over a third of the restaurant's service staff resigned after refusing to wear the attire to work. The remaining waitresses have convinced their bosses to allow them to wear large sunglasses so that they are not easily recognized.

The move has been met with approval by some male patrons, seeing the gimmick as a great idea to get good food and girls to look at, said one male customer. Many female patrons are indifferent and against the move. "It is too awkward, it's better for them to wear proper uniforms to work," said one female customer, adding that she pays to eat, not to look at the waitresses.

Aside from the compulsory new uniform, the restaurant also offers a free dinner to any customer brave enough to come dressed in a bikini.

We think this is a very creative idea, said a local high school student, who came with a group of eight friends all dressed in the swimwear. "We are all dance students, so wearing a bikini is normal for us. I don't think there is anything wrong with wearing it to enjoy a free dinner," she said.


Jin Xiang Bao  金香鮑

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