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Chinese prostitutes making 'home services' popular in Taiwan

  • Yang Chun-pin and Staff Reporter
  • 2013-02-25
  • 08:50 (GMT+8)
A man and a woman caught during a

A man and a woman caught during a "massage" in Kaohsiung. (Photo/Liu Shang-yun)

Prostitutes from mainland China are finding business increasingly abundant in Taiwan's southern and central regions, where they are offering services directly at clients' homes for NT$500 (US$17) an hour. Their willingness to accomodate is changing the world of Taiwan's underground prostitution market, our sister newspaper Want Daily reports.

People living in some parts of Taiwan, mostly male, reportedly hired Chinese prostitutes to spend the Lunar New Year holiday with them at home, as much for their company as for other services. The hourly pay for services such as eating, drinking and chatting is NT$500 an hour. Extra services must be negotiated.

People who request services at home no longer need to spend money on seedy hotel rooms, alcohol and tips. They also have several more plausible alibis to get around police checks.

Chinese prostitutes are commonly found in hotels and karaokes for those who can afford their services. For those with less to spend, sexual services are also provided in shoddy tin houses that front as factories or even betel nut kiosks on the side of highways.

Home delivery services started in Taichung, a city in central Taiwan.

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