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Obama wins overwhelming support in China and Japan: Ipsos

Staff Reporter 2012-11-05 11:57 (GMT+8)
US President Barack Obama. (Photo/CNS)

US President Barack Obama. (Photo/CNS)

More than 63% of Chinese people and 86% of Japanese want current US President Barack Obama to win a second term, a survey conducted by the Hong Kong division of market research institute Ipsos and Agene France-Presse said. The survey also showed that almost 50% of Chinese people polled were indifferent to the US election.

The survey polled 1,000 citizens of China and Japan in September and October through the internet and results showed Obama as winning the majority support of people in the two countries as a better candidate for economic growth and for peace and security in Asia.

Republican candidate Mitt Romney only has 35% support in China and 12% in Japan since the wealthy businessman said he will name China as a "currency manipulator" on the first day he takes office if elected. He has also said outspokenly that the Japanese economy has been in decline.

The candidate, however, was popular among older Chinese people in smaller cities and those who have not been able to enjoy the benefits of industrialization and a liberalized economy in major cities such as Shanghai. Some people also favor Romney because the Republican Party under Richard Nixon had significantly warmed relations between the two countries in 1972.

Chinese people are less enthusiastic about the US election since the country will go through a historic leadership transition shortly after that, said Andrew Lam, the associated director of Ipsos Hong Kong. Its rising power has also reduced its needs to rely on the political maneuvers of other countries.

Only 30.3% of Japanese polled were not interested in the election. The country is paying more attention to the election because the United States has been an important political and military ally, said Lam.

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