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3 Days of the Consort: Zhejiang marriage lasts 72 hours

Staff Reporter 2012-10-27 09:22 (GMT+8)

A woman from the city of Lishui in eastern China's Zhejiang province has filed for divorce three days after she got married. Following court mediation, the woman must pay 30,000 yuan (US$4,800) to her husband to compensate for his "loss of youth," reports Want Daily, our Chinese-language sister newspaper.

Li Yu (a pseudonym), 28, only agreed to the marriage after an enormous amount of pressure from her mother. Li caved in when her mother said she would commit suicide in front of her if she did not marry the man she had found for her.

The newlyweds, with no feelings for each other, compounded with complaints from Li that her husband cared too much about money, separated after just three days of marriage.

The Shanghai-based Qianjiang Evening News reported that the woman filed for divorce twice. The man said he would agree to the divorce if Li paid him 30,000 yuan in compensation.

Li Yu, described as having a dignified appearance and being from a wealthy family, has run her own business since graduating from college. Her mother Xue Qing (also a pseudonym) was worried about the diminishing prospects of marriage for the 28-year-old and asked friends and relatives to introduce a husband for her daughter but was unable to find anyone to meet Li's requirements.

In June last year, a relative recommended Cheng Ming (pseudonym), saying the 33-year-old man was both honest and hard-working but without a junior high school degree and from a humble family background.

The same night, Xue went to meet with Cheng. She was satisfied with him and told him that if he would marry her daughter, she would buy them a house and car. Cheng agreed at once.

Li, who was away, knew nothing about her mother's plans. Xue pretended to be ill to get her daughter to return home. When she arrived, Xue said, "I have found you a good man, you just pick a day and marry him."

The daughter refused to marry a man she had never met, but her mother told her, "If you don't obey, I will run into a wall right here in front of you and kill myself."

Li finally gave in and in the company of her mother went to pick up the marriage certificate with Cheng Ming.

In March this year, the two newlyweds held a wedding ceremony which quickly turned into a debacle. As a joke, the groom's shoes were taken away by bride's relatives, who asked for money before they would give them back. An argument ensued, which was only resolved after the wedding when Li Yu herself had to pay off her relatives and send them away.

The last straw came when Cheng Ming brought jello home as a thoughtful gift to the bride's family three days after their marriage. Li, thoroughly disappointed with the groom, filed for divorce. Cheng said however that "Li Yu has to compensate me 30,000 yuan for the loss of my youth if she wants to get a divorce." Li at first withdrew the petition but later agreed after court mediation that the money was a small price to pay to get out of an unwanted marriage.

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