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Punched out: Fist that extinguishes candles debated by netizens

Staff Reporter 2012-10-18 08:41 (GMT+8)
Chen Jia demonstrates "Shaolin Sunshine Hand," a technique unfamiliar to kung fu masters. (Internet photo)

Chen Jia demonstrates "Shaolin Sunshine Hand," a technique unfamiliar to kung fu masters. (Internet photo)

A video clip is circulating on Chinese cyberspace of a man demonstrating the ability to blow out 15 candles using his fists.

In the video, 23-year-old Chen Jia, a stocky man in plain dress and wearing glasses, shows off what he calls the "Shaolin Sunshine Hand." First lining up the candles 10 cm apart, with the farthest candle two meters away from himself, he invites reporters from the Zhengzhou Evening Post to try and blow them out. After much huffing and puffing on the part of a male and female reporter, they manage to extinguish one solitary candle.

Following a short qigong exercise, Chen steps up and punches the air repeatedly and methodically in front of him, and within twenty seconds the candles have all been snuffed out.

At the request of the reporters, he tried the kung fu again but after three rounds he only could extinguish two or three candles.

Chen said his kung fu has neither been passed down through his family, nor has he followed any master, but studies on his own.

After doing some research on the internet, he ascertained that "Shaolin Sunshine Hand" is the easiest form among the 72 Matchless Skills of Shaolin, and practiced "punching an object from the air," considered a form of "soft qigong."

He has practiced the form for eight years, but many doubt the authenticity of his kung fu and of the video.

A netizen called "Rubber Happiness" said: "It's fake. The flames were different before and after, and it was made to look like they were being put out."

Another netizen called "Industrial Insider" said the display was genuine: "It's as simple as the speed (of his fists) pushing the air current."

A master of kung fu surnamed Zhang who opened a Shaolin school in Zhengzhou to train martial artists, said however that he has never heard of "Shaolin Sunshine Hand." The only technique that he knows similar to the one shown in the demonstration is called "Yin Hand Fist," which is purported to be able to "strike a bull from over a mountain."

The master said that blowing out candles is not an extraordinary feat, and could be accomplished even by professional boxers without the use of qi.

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