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China should establish Diaoyutai town: PLA Luo Yuan

  • Staff Reporter
  • 2012-10-01
  • 16:09 (GMT+8)
Waving the flags of ROC, protesters from Taiwan's Yilan county called for the establishment of a Diaoyutai Road over the disputed islands. (Photo/Lai Ping-chun)

Waving the flags of ROC, protesters from Taiwan's Yilan county called for the establishment of a Diaoyutai Road over the disputed islands. (Photo/Lai Ping-chun)

Major General Luo Yuan of the People's Liberation Army again suggested the joint development of disputed Diaoyu or Senkaku islands by both China and Taiwan, reports by our sister newspaper, Want Daily.

Duing a seminar in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province on Sept. 29, Luo again suggested cooperation between the People's Liberation Army and the Republic of China Armed Forces in defending the territory left by their common Chinese ancestors. "Even though most of the retired generals I met told me that the time of direct cooperation has not arrived yet, they still agreed that we could fight against a common enemy."

Claimed by Taiwan as the Diaoyutai islands, Taiwanese fishermen operating in the disputed waters were often disrupted and even detained by the Japan Coast Guard.

To defeat Japan, Luo Yuan suggested Beijing and Taipei launch a People's War at Sea. "There are only 117 vessels in the Japan Coast Guard, and there can't be more than 450 ships in the entire fleet," stressed Luo. "If we mobilize more than 1,000 fishing boats from mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao to fight maritime guerrilla warfare against Japan, it would be impossible for them to catch all of our boats."

Luo also openly praised the idea given by Yok Mu-ming, chairman of Taiwan's New Party to develop the Diaoyutai islands into a shooting range for both the Chinese and Taiwanese military. "Chinese aircraft and vessels can bomb the islands on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday," suggested Luo, "While the Taiwanese can launch attacks on Tuesday, Thursday and Staurday."

Accusing Japan for not following the principles established by the Allies after its surrender in 1945, Luo stated that World War II between China and Japan will not be over until Tokyo decides to give the Diaoyutai islands back to China and Taiwan. "The Second United Front between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party of China (established in 1937) is still going on," said Luo. "Because the sovereignty of Diaoyutai islands should be returned to China with Taiwan under Cairo and Posdam Declarations."

Along with the establishment of Sansha city in the South China Sea, Luo Yuan suggested the government of Taiwan's Yilan county establish a Diaoyutai island town. Officially, the islands will be under the administration of Taiwan's local government, but it will be considered a bridge between Beijing and Taipei for establishing political mutual trust and a base to defend common territory against foreign invaders.

Even though president Ma Ying-jeou openly refused any cooperation with mainland China on the issue regarding the Diaoyutai islands, a protest march consisted of nearly 1,000 people took place in Toucheng, Yilan county against the Japanese occupation of the inhabited islands on Sept. 30. One of their requests was to establish local administration over the disputed territory.


Luo Yuan  羅援

Yok Mu-ming  郁慕明

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