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Jeremy Lin bids farewell to his summer Linterns in Taipei

CNA and Staff Reporter 2012-09-01 08:58 (GMT+8)
Jeremy Lin plays with children in Hualien on his current trip to Taiwan. (Photo/courtesy of Flight-Marketing)

Jeremy Lin plays with children in Hualien on his current trip to Taiwan. (Photo/courtesy of Flight-Marketing)

NBA star Jeremy Lin on Thursday wrapped up a four-day summer camp in Taipei for than 100 young Taiwanese basketballers.

"I just saw you guys improve individually, but also most important is improving in terms of playing with your teammates," Lin said at the closing ceremony. He said the 60 participants from junior high schools had work hard over the past two days.

His friend David Lee, power forward and center for the Golden State Warriors, also helped coach at the camp at Lin's invitation, to make it more educational and interesting. "It's good to see that the kids we worked with here in Taiwan were very open to learning things about basketball, were very excited about getting better," Lee said.

Lin also shared that view, saying "they're so coachable; they want to learn; they wanna get better." He said he really appreciated that attitude.

One of the youngsters, Nelson Lin, said he was "very happy" to play with the NBA stars and learn from them. "My basic skills have improved," the 16-year-old said. He said his dream is to play on an NBA court some day, like his idol who shares his surname.

The summer camp, which opened Monday, was divided into two parts, the first of which was held over two days for 60 elementary school students. In the last two days of the camp, 60 junior high school students attended the training sessions.

Lin is scheduled to attend a private charity event Aug. 31 and a sponsor's event the next day. He will join an evangelical Christian gathering hosted by a local television station Sept. 2 before his departure for the United States the following day.

The 24-year-old point guard, whose meteoric rise early this year with the New York Knicks attracted widespread attention, signed a three-year, US$25.1 million contract with the Houston Rockets last month after the Knicks failed to match the offer.

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