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Pig blood passed off as duck blood in Beijing

Staff Reporter 2012-05-16 15:41 (GMT+8)
Congealed duck blood. (Internet photo)

Congealed duck blood. (Internet photo)

Beijing Daoxiang Village Foodstuff has been accused of using pig's blood to make its congealed duck blood. The company conceded May 14 that it has had some problems with its suppliers.

The company says it does not produce the duck blood on its own, creating loopholes in its supply chain. It says the supplier has so far been unable to produce a certificate proving the origin of the blood.

Daoxiang has decided suspend the manager of the supplier for six months and investigate the case.

The products were produced by the No. 5 Beijing meat processing plant. The plant does not produce duck blood, but use pig's blood to make chunks that look like duck blood. Instead of having Daoxiang directly send finished products from the plant to stores, each store submits orders to the plant directly, which left the quality out of Daoxiang's control.

It is quite common for pig blood to be passed off as duck blood in China, said Chu Yi, professor of China Agriculture University, according to state-run news agency Xinhua. The chemical formalin is often added into pig blood to make it look more like duck blood, which is much expensive than pig blood.

"If formalin is added, then the blood can be preserved for at least six months, while normal blood only stays fresh for three to five days," a man running the blood tofu business said. "Almost 90% of the congealed blood in China uses formalin."


Daoxiang Village Foodstuff 稻香村食品

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