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China's tourist attractions to raise admissions fees 20%-60%

  • Staff Reporter
  • 2012-04-26
  • 09:52 (GMT+8)
Zhaoyun temple in Hebei is expected to raise admission fees by 20% this year. (Photo/CFP)

Zhaoyun temple in Hebei is expected to raise admission fees by 20% this year. (Photo/CFP)

Many tourist attractions across China will see admission fee hikes of 20%-60% in the near future due to the coming end of a three-year period during which prices were required to remain constant, reports the state-run China Daily.

China's National Development and Reform Commission released a policy in 2007 stipulating that tourist attractions must fix admission fees for at least three years. This has inevitably led the prices to rise at the end of each three-year cycle.

The end of the most recent cycle is looming since, and the fees of at least 20 popular tourist attractions are expected to be raised 20%-60% in the next two to three months. Between now and July, fees for famous sites such as the Zhaoyun temple in Hebei province and Jinggangshan in Jiangxi will see rises of 20%.

In addition to tourist attractions, fees have also been increased for admission to some well-known parks. Wuhan botanical garden has raised its entrance fee from 30 to 40 yuan (US$4.80 to US$6.40) per person, Shijiazhuang Zoo's rose from 40 to 50 yuan (US$6.40 to US$7.90).


Zhaoyun 趙雲

Jinggangshan 井岡山

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