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Taiwanese pitcher admits to extra-marital affair

Staff Reporter 2012-04-24 14:50 (GMT+8)
Pitcher Chien-ming Wang and a Florida girl in photos revealing their intimate relationship. (Internet photo)

Pitcher Chien-ming Wang and a Florida girl in photos revealing their intimate relationship. (Internet photo)

Chien-ming Wang, Taiwan's favorite major league baseball pitcher, confessed in an April 24 press conference held in Florida Viela, his team's spring training site, that he had had an extra-marital affair two years ago while in Florida. He apologized for the misconduct and admitted his faults sincerely to the public, hoping that his longtime fans in Taiwan and elsewhere would accept his apology, reports our Chinese-language sister newspaper China Times.

At the press conference given to Taiwanese media, Wang said he made a "big mistake" and would not seek to make any excuses. He added that he does not expect forgiveness from his family or fans, but expressed "innermost apology." He cited growing pressure from pitching in the major league, especially after his surgery in 2009. "I was so depressed at the time. Besides the long road to rehabilitation, the only thing I could do is wait," said Wang.

The pitcher admitted to having an extra-marital relationship that lasted for eight months. He ended the affair out of a strong sense of guilt, he said, but added that the woman involved threatened to send a letter to the media if they did not get back together. Wang said he came forward to face the press as he did not want to hurt the woman or his family.

Breaking into tears during the press conference, Wang apologized for the damage he dealt to both his family and the mistress. "I am willing to pay for my misconduct, but I cannot let my family be hurt again," he said. Wang asked the media to leave his family out of the incident, saying that they are innocent.

A China Times reporter confirmed that Wang held the press conference to openly admit his mistake in the hope that after apologizing sincerely to the public he would be able to meet this season's challenges.

Wang went to bar in Florida frequently in 2009 after losing his contract with the New York Yankees. Though he was quickly signed to the Washington Nationals, he was uncertain about his future and had not recovered from surgery. He met a Taiwanese-American woman working at the bar and developed a relationship with her.

After dating the woman for a number of months, Wang was stricken with guilt and decided to end the relationship. But his mistress was emotionally unstable and two of her friends threatened Wang by saying that they would announce the affair and release lewd photos to the public if he broke up with her. He was then forced to continue the relationship until the beginning of 2011.


Chien-ming Wang 王建民

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