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Wife of sacked Chongqing boss a woman of many talents

Staff Reporter 2012-03-19 17:50 (GMT+8)
Gu Kailai, left, is a Peking University law graduate. (File photo/CFP)

Gu Kailai, left, is a Peking University law graduate. (File photo/CFP)

Gu Kailai, the wife of the former Chongqing party secretary, Bo Xilai, has outstanding credentials of her own as a powerful lawyer from a well-known family. Her father, Gu Jingsheng, was the former deputy party secretary of a Xinjiang district committee, while her mother, Fan Chengxiu, is a descendant of the famous historical figure Fan Zhongyan, a politician and a man of letters in the Song Dynasty (960-1279).

It is reported that Gu is currently being investigated for corruption by Beijing.


Bo's wife was born in 1960. She began studying law at Peking University in 1978 and also earned a master's degree in international politics. After graduation, she opened the Kailai Law Firm in Beijing. She has handled several high-profile cases, including the case of Olympic track coach Ma Juren, who was accused of giving athletes performance-enhancing drugs.

She also wrote several bestsellers, such as I was the Lawyer of Ma Junren and How to Win a Case in the United States

Gu is Bo's second wife. They have one son, Bo Guagua, born 1987, who is studying at Harvard University in the US.



Gu Kailai  谷開來

Gu Jingsheng  谷景山

Fan Chengxiu  范承秀

Fan Zhongyan  范仲淹

Ma Juren  馬俊仁

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