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Taiwan's new cabinet announced

CNA and Staff Reporter 2012-02-01 18:12 (GMT+8)
Taiwan's new premier, Sean Chen. (Photo/Yen Chien-lung)

Taiwan's new premier, Sean Chen. (Photo/Yen Chien-lung)

Taiwan's newly appointed premier, Sean Chen, unveiled Tuesday the new cabinet lineup, hours after his predecessor Wu Den-yih, who was elected vice president in the Jan. 14 election, led his cabinet members to resign en masse.

The following is the lineup of the Cabinet proposed by Chen, which will be sworn in on Feb. 6.

Vice Premier: Jiang Yi-huah (forerly minister of the interior.)

Secretary-general of the cabinet: Lin Yi-shih, currently director-general of the ruling Kuomintang Policy Committee, who failed in his re-election bid in the Jan. 14 legislative polls.

Minister of the Interior: Lee Hong-yuan, currently head of the Public Construction Commission.

Minister of Finance: Christina Liu, incumbent minister of the Council for Economic Planning and Development.

Minister of Education: Chiang Wei-ling, currently president of National Central University.

Council for Economic Planning and Development Minister: Yiin Chii-ming, currently minister without portfolio.

Council of Agriculture Minister: Chen Bao-ji, a National Taiwan University professor.

Council for Cultural Affairs Minister: Lung Ying-tai, essayist and cultural critic.

National Youth Commission Minister: Chen Yi-chen, a KMT candidate who failed in the Jan. 14 legislative elections.

National Science Council Minister: Cyrus Chu, a minister without portfolio.

Foreign Minister Timothy Yang, Defense Minister Kao Hua-chu, Economics Minister Shih Yen-shiang, Justice Minister Tseng Yung-fu and Transport Minister Mao Chi-kuo will remain in their current posts.

Council of Labor Affairs Minister Wang Ju-hsuan, Mainland Affairs Council Minister Lai Shin-yuan, Health Minister Chiu Wen-ta, Environmental Protection Administration Minister Stephen Shen and Government Information Office Minister Philip Yang will also continue to serve in ther current positions.

Those who will also stay on include: Research, Development and Evaluation Commission Minister Chu Chin-peng; Sports Affairs Council Minister Tai Hsia-ling; Fair Trade Commission Chairperson Wu Shiow-ming; Council of Indigenous Peoples Minister Sun Ta-chuan; Coast Guard Administration Minister Wang Ginn-wang; Council for Hakka Affairs Minister Huang Yu-cheng; Financial Supervisory Commission Chairman Chen Yu-chang; Central Election Commission Chairwoman Chang Po-ya; National Communications Commission Chairwoman Su Herng; Council for Aviation Safety Chairman Chang Yu-hern.

Ministers without portfolio: Kuan Chung-ming, an academician of Academia Sinica; Yang Chiu-hsing, former Kaohsiung county magistrate and a former member of the Democratic Progressive Party; Simon Chang San-cheng, Google Asia Regional Infrastructure director; Chern Jenn-chuan, incumbent deputy minister of Public Construction Commission; and Huang Kuang-nan, former president of National Taiwan University of Arts.

Incumbent ministers without portfolio Lin Junq-tzer, Chang Jin-fu, Hsueh Cherng-tay and Luo Ying-shay will also retain their posts.




Sean Chen  陳冲

Wu Den-yih  吳敦義

Lin Yi-shih  林益世

Lee Hong-yuan  李鴻源

Christina Liu  劉憶如

Chiang Wei-ling  蔣偉寧

Yiin Chii-ming  尹啟銘

Chen Bao-ji  陳保基

Lung Ying-tai  龍應台

Chen Yi-chen  陳以真

Cyrus Chu  朱敬一

Timothy Yang  楊進添

Kao Hua-chu  高華柱

Shih Yen-shiang  施顏祥

Tseng Yung-fu  曾勇夫

Mao Chi-kuo  毛治國

Wang Ju-hsuan  王如玄

Lai Shin-yuan  賴幸媛

Chiu Wen-ta  邱文達

Stephen Shen  沈世宏

Philip Yang  楊永明

Chu Chin-peng  朱景鵬

Tai Hsia-ling  戴遐齡

Wu Shiow-ming  吳秀明

Sun Ta-chuan  孫大川

Wang Ginn-wang  王進旺

Huang Yu-cheng  黃玉振

Chen Yu-chang  陳裕璋

Chang Po-ya  張博雅

Su Herng  蘇蘅

Chang Yu-hern  張有恆

Kuan Chung-ming  管中閔

Yang Chiu-hsing  楊秋興

Simon Chang San-cheng  張善政

Chern Jenn-chuan  陳鎮川

Huang Kuang-nan  黃光男

Lin Junq-tzer  林政則

Chang Jin-fu  張進福

Hsueh Cherng-tay  薛承泰

Luo Ying-shay  羅瑩雪

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