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Taiwanese 'god of citrus' breeds world's largest orange

  • Staff Reporter
  • 2012-01-26
  • 13:35 (GMT+8)
Huang Ah-hsien has developed the world's largest orange. (Photo/Hou Li-an)

Huang Ah-hsien has developed the world's largest orange. (Photo/Hou Li-an)

Taiwan has developed the largest citrus fruit in the world, with a citrus specialist surnamed Huang successfully breeding a new type of orange after 15 years of research.

Called "the King," the orange weighs 0.6kg and measures 10.5cm in diameter, almost larger than a person's face. The giant orange is Huang's "graduation project," as he is on the eve of his retirement from the Agricultural Research Institute in Taiwan. Dubbed by his peers "the god of citrus," Huang has successfully bred three new orange varieties.

Over a career of more than 20 years, Huang has created hybrids with 170 kinds of citrus fruits, creating the King orange from a hybrid of Japanese and American oranges.

The director of Huang's research institute said the King orange is sweet and sour, and is a symbol of good fortune for the Chinese New Year.

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