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Rent a boyfriend on Taobao starting at US$2

Staff Reporter 2012-01-02 10:08 (GMT+8)
A woman receives flowers from her boyfriend. (Photo/CNS)

A woman receives flowers from her boyfriend. (Photo/CNS)

Women in China looking for companionship can now cut through the hassle of meeting men, instead renting a boyfriend on e-commerce site Taobao for a set price, according to the Guangzhou-based Southern Metropolis Daily. The boyfriends are rented based on the services they provide to women, including holding hands, hugging and kissing. The temporary couples will typically go to movies, shopping, out to dinner, or another date chosen by the woman.

The price to rent a boyfriend varies. Ten yuan (US$2) is standard for a one-hour lunch. For an hour of shopping, the price doubles to 20 yuan (US$4). To rent a boyfriend for a full day, the cost can be upward of 100 yuan (US$15).

Most men who rent themselves out are looking for money, but some say they do it for love. A 28-year-old man from Foshan, Guangdong named Huang posted an ad with a high price of 500 yuan (US$79) to rent him. Huang says he hopes to find love and that if he finds a girl who really wants to marry him, he can adjust the price. One girl from Beijing has contacted him, but they have never met because of the distance between their homes.

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