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Biden's meal at Beijing restaurant a lesson in PR

  • Staff Reporter
  • 2011-08-20
  • 18:19 (GMT+8)
Joe Biden pictured at the Yao Ji Stewed Liver Restaurant. (Photo/US Embassy)

Joe Biden pictured at the Yao Ji Stewed Liver Restaurant. (Photo/US Embassy)

The Yao Ji restaurant visited by Biden. (Photo/Internet)

The Chinese restaurant Yao Ji Stewed Liver became the hottest eatery in town over night after US Vice President Joe Biden visited to eat soybean paste noodles with his staff.

At 2:30 pm on Friday Aug 19, far past the usual lunch time rush, the entrance of the restaurant is still packed with people waiting to make their orders.

Many of them came to get a taste of the lunch Biden ate which includes noodles with soybean paste, pork buns, side dishes and cola. The total cost of the meal is 79 yuan (US$12).

The restaurant said its business was 4 times faster than usual. Many regulars came as well as some young people wearing fashionable sunglasses and outfits.

Since the US embassy photos posted on its official microblog showing Biden posing and chatting with customers at the restaurant were forwarded tens of thousand times, the restaurant quickly gained many followers even though at that time, it was still unidentified.

Rui Chenggang, the anchor of BizChina of CCTV International, gave a 4 point comment on the incident which he published on his microblog.

He stated that firstly, US politicians know how to make a good image for themselves. Two, China should learn from the US embassy which is good at fostering a positive public image. Three, Americans tend to have a simple meal for lunch, which is very different from Chinese. Four, having soybean paste noodles for lunch after a series of big feasts is quite refreshing.




Yao Ji Stewed Liver  姚記炒肝店

Rui Chenggang  芮成鋼

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