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Shandong's Human-waste 5 still proud of their work

Chen Jing-ting and Staff Reporter 2011-06-23 08:49 (GMT+8)
Chinese college-graduates in Shandong province are happy with their jobs as human waste cleaners. (Internet Photo)

Chinese college-graduates in Shandong province are happy with their jobs as human waste cleaners. (Internet Photo)

Five Chinese college graduates who have been working as human-waste removers for two years in China's Shandong Province have said that they are proud of their jobs.

The five graduates beat 391 job-seekers to win the five human-waste cleaning jobs from the environment and sanitation bureau in Shandong's Jinan City two years ago. The spotlight fell again on the five at a recent worker's skills competition held by the bureau.

Wang Yanfeng, an architecture graduate from Shandong TV University, said that he wasn't aware of the popularity of the position until he found that several candidates had applied for it. He said his first job was as a technician in a company in Jinan, according to the Chinese-language West China Metropolis Daily.

Another graduate, 174cm-tall Meng Jia, who has a slim model's figure, recounted the frustrations she felt when she started her job. She said that she had to carry heavy buckets and walk back and forth down narrow streets to collect waste every day, which frequently led to bruises on her shoulders after a day's work.

She said the most difficult part of her job is enduring some of the reactions from strangers on the streets, who, while passing her, would occasionally hold their noses or give her disdainful looks. "I felt really sad during those times," she added.

Nevertheless, Meng remains undaunted and said that her job as a human-waste cleaner did not change how the people closest to her thought of her.

"My fiance is not against my job," she noted, adding that they will be getting married this year. 




Wang Yanfeng  王延峰

Shandong TV University  山東廣播電視大學

Meng Jia  孟佳

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