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Banker heads list of China's most corrupt officials

Chen Hsiu-ling and Staff Reporter 2011-05-10 12:55 (GMT+8)
A corrupt official on trial for bribery. (File Photo/Dahe148.cn)

A corrupt official on trial for bribery. (File Photo/Dahe148.cn)

Yu Zhendong, former chief of the Bank of China in Kaiping, Guangdong province, is number one on a list of the top ten corrupt officials in China after embezzling 4 billion yuan (US$615.83 million) from public funds.

According to the list published by several Chinese media outlets, Huang Qingzhou, vice general manager of the Hong Kong office of the Guangdong International Investment Corp, came second.

The pair are followed by Chen Manxiong, general manager of Zhongshan Industrial Corp and his wife, Chen Qiuyan. Xu Maiyong, former vice mayor of Hangzhou, ranked seventh after embezzling funds and accepting brides totaling 213 million yuan (US$32.79 million).

Wang Shouye, a former navy commander, completed the list in tenth after accepting 160 million yuan (US$24.63 million) in bribes.

As the list was compiled according to the amount of money accumulated due to graft, Li Huasen, former chief of the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau in Rizhao, Shandong province, who recently received a lifetime sentence for accumulating 'ill-gotten' gains of up to 158 million yuan (US$24.32 million), narrowly failed to make the top ten.

Several corrupt officials received bribes through their relatives: one notable example was the aforementioned Xu Maiyong, who dispatched his wife to accept bribes on his behalf.

Several senior officials from humble backgrounds ended their careers behind bars for accepting bribes after working for a long period with the government, according to media.

What corrupt officials feared the most were probes by the party's Anti-Corruption Bureau of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.

An article posted on the official Xinhuanet.com gave a glimpse into one secret base of the Orwellian bureau, revealing that it was located in a remote mountainous area and heavily guarded by armed police and safety devices.

Suspected officials brought here would be questioned by investigators in front of a camera in a room with soundproof walls. They were made to sit in chairs lower than those of their interrogators. The base also had mental examination facilities and use would be made of polygraph lie detectors.

"Nearly all the officials questioned at the base confessed to their wrongdoing within three days," claimed the article.


Yu Zhendong 余振東

Huang Qingzhou 黃清洲

Guangdong International Investment Corp 廣東國際投資公司

Chen Manxiong 陳滿雄

Zhongshan Industrial Corp 中山實業發展總公司

Chen Qiuyan 陳秋園

Li Huasen 李華森

Xu Maiyong 許邁永

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