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Prize-winning chef to promote Taiwanese beef noodles in US

  • CNA
  • 2012-02-03
  • 13:47 (GMT+8)
Beef noodles, Taiwanese-style. (Photo/CNA)

Beef noodles, Taiwanese-style. (Photo/CNA)

Hou Chun-sheng will promote Taiwanese-style beef noodles in the US. (Photo/CNA)

Hou Chun-sheng will promote Taiwanese-style beef noodles in the US. (Photo/CNA)

A prize-winning Taiwanese chef will spend two weeks in the United States this month, promoting Taiwan's beef noodles, Taiwan's Government Information Office said Thursday.

Hou Chun-sheng, winner of the 2011 Taipei International Beef Noodle Festival, will share the popular dish with international guests in San Francisco and Washington DC, the office said.

Hou said he will bring his signature beef noodles to Google, the Asia Society of Northern California and the Freer Gallery of Art during his trip from Feb. 4-17.

Beef noodles epitomize the island's inviting and innovative food culture, Hou said.

In addition, the Government Information Office said a banquet will be held at the Twin Oaks estate in Washington, where Taiwan's top representative to the US, Jason Yuan, will host more than 80 guests.

At the event, the guests will learn the history and culture of Taiwan's beef noodle, the office said. "I will show my guests some of my secret recipes so that everyone will be able to make beef noodles at home," Hou said.

Displaying a list of ingredients for his beef noodles at a press conference, Hou said he uses fresh fruit and Chinese herb bags to add flavor to the dish. Beefsteak tomatoes in the soup can reduce the greasy taste, while adding star anise, dried orange peel and cinnamon bark gives it an exotic flavor, he said. Hou said it usually takes him around eight hours to cook the soup for the dish.




Hou Chun-sheng 侯圳生

Jason Yuan 袁健生

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