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Rape uncovers 'cash for sex' culture of Hong Kong entertainment industry

Staff Reporter 2013-02-06 16:37 (GMT+8)
Phoebe Hui. (Internet photo)

Phoebe Hui. (Internet photo)

The recent drugging and rape of a Hong Kong model has uncovered the seedy culture of the city's entertainment industry, reports Want Daily, our Chinese-language sister paper.

A 25-year-old local model was sexually assaulted on Jan. 26 by a 34-year-old Taiwanese man. The model said she agreed meet the man after he promised to pay her US$19,300 to have a drink with him, but he secretly spiked her drink and raped her after she passed out. By the time she woke up, the money in her purse was also gone.

The incident has prompted the media to look into the "cash for company" culture of models and actresses in Hong Kong's entertainment circles. Local media have reported that the minimum price for dinner with a Hong Kong actress or model starts from US$130.

Additional "services" cost extra, and prices will depend on the fame of the model or actress. Some sources claim that a young model with a name containing the same Chinese characters as a famous star has an asking price of US$73,000 a night.

Phoebe Hui, a 24-year-old Hong Kong model, claims she recently declined a wealthy individual who offered her US$12,800 for her to spend the night with him. Hui said many women in Hong Kong's entertainment industry actually volunteer to exchange sex for money.

A particular actress, who made her debut as a singer, has been doing a lot of "business" with mainland Chinese customers in recent years, she said. This actress often arranged to shoot scenes in Hong Kong's New Territories to make it easier for her to receive customers from the mainland. When she shoots in Beijing, she tells her manager not to bother booking a hotel. "Where do you think she stays?" Hui said.

There is another sexy Hong Kong actress whom everyone knows makes a lot of money sleeping with customers, Hui said. This actress would even offer sex services for free to film producers or directors to obtain a role in a film, she added.

Another Hong Kong model named Naomi recently denied to local media that she had been a victim of rape during a cash for company arrangement. She disclosed that she was once invited to see a movie with someone for US$320, while another promised to support her financially by paying her HK$1 million (US$129,000) a month, but she declined them all.

"If I'm going to marry someone, I'm going to marry a billionaire. Offering one million is beneath me," she said. "I'm not being greedy."


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