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Stroke of genius? Chinese lawmaker touts caning for petty offenders

Staff Reporter 2013-01-31 14:29 (GMT+8)
How caning is carried out at prisons in Singapore. (Internet photo)

How caning is carried out at prisons in Singapore. (Internet photo)

A member of China's National People's Congress suggests the country should copy Singapore and introduce caning as a way to punish offenders, reports Guangzhou's Southern Metropolis Daily.

Chen Weicai, deputy director of the Guangzhou public security bureau's political department said on Jan. 29 that caning is as a good way to discourage petty crime. "With the death penalty, China is good at deterring serious crime, but not good at giving petty criminals a lesson they won't forget," said Chen.

Singapore is well known for its practice of judicial caning, a punishment reserved for male offenders under the age of 50. Caning is always administered in addition to a jail sentence, however, not as a punishment in itself.

"Men who commit petty crimes or public order offenses may be given six strokes," Chen said. "If they faint after two strokes, they have six months to receive the other four."

When his suggestion was laughed at my most of those present, Chen backed up his proposition with a joke. "When women are looking for a prospective husband, they can check his bottom to see whether he has been disciplined. If so, then they know he will be well-behaved," he said.

On the internet, while some netizens called caning a violation of human rights, others suggested that corrupt officials should be the first to be feel the sting. A controversial figure, Chen previously suggested at a provincial-level congress in 2010 that people should use their national identification card to register phone numbers to prevent swindlers from sending text messages to defraud others. For this reason, many suggested Chen himself should be caned as a pervert.


Chen Weicai  陳偉才

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