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3D TV in China looks good from several angles

Staff Reporter 2011-03-24 13:45 (GMT+8)
A prospective market for 3D TV is forming in China, according to commercial data. (File Photo/Xinhua)

A prospective market for 3D TV is forming in China, according to commercial data. (File Photo/Xinhua)

3D is undoubtedly the future of standard configuration for TV, says Lu Renbo, deputy secretary-general of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce.

Statistics show that in 2010, global shipments of 3D TVs reached 2.5 million, a figure which is expected to rise to 27 million by 2013. Analysts also say related 3D industrial standards will be released successively around the world, as 3D film and video content booms.

From October 2010, sales of 3D TVs have been over 2000 per week in China, led by Samsung, Sony, Changhong and Skyworth, according to data compiled by China Economic Net.

Some research institutions and businesses predict proportion of 3D TVs sold will be around 30% of the Chinese television market, hopefully breaking 5 million units. The cost of 3D TVs will be critical to market growth.

China has the advantage of being not only the largest market for flat-panel televisions in the world but also the world's biggest base for television manufacturing. Local businesses have experiemced every successive technological upgrade from flat TV to internet TV to 3D TV.

Yang Dongwen, vice president of Skyworth, said that the shipment of his company's 3D TVs will make up 30% of all their color TV products. Domestic businesses will produce more than 5 million 3D TVs this year.

Some domestic TV manufacturers have already accomplished some achievements in the core chip area of 3D TV. Several universities have started research into 3D displays, such as Tianjin University, Tsinghua University, Beijing University, Nanjing University and Zhejiang University. It is reported that China has dozens of enterprises starting 3D technology and R&D and owns many patents in areas of 3D codec algorithms, chips, systems, applications and tests. Now, China's 3D technology is catching up with that of other countries and is even taking the lead in some areas, according to Starring3D.

From HD TV, internet TV, intelligent TV, LED TV and now 3D TV, the prospects for China's television industry are looking good from several angles.


Changhong 長虹

Lu Renbo 陸刃波

China Electronic Chamber of Commerce 中國電子商會

Skyworth 創維

Yang Dongwen 楊東文

Konka 康佳集團

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