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Jiangsu official's 140 mistresses believed to be a record

Staff Reporter 2013-07-24 11:25 (GMT+8)
Xu Qiyao. Power corrupts — and attracts. (Internet photo)

Xu Qiyao. Power corrupts — and attracts. (Internet photo)

An official from Jiangsu province has set what is believed to be a record after authorities revealed that he had had more than 140 mistresses, including a mother and daughter, reports the Chinese-language Qingdao Financial Daily.

The dubious honor goes to Xu Qiyao, the former director of the Jiangsu provincial construction department. One of his mistresses had asked Xu to help her daughter find a job after she graduated from school, which he did — after a fashion. Xu allegedly once boasted about this fact to friends when drunk and compared the sexual abilities of the mother and daughter.

Some observers, however, are not impressed by Xu's record, claiming that Xu was merely into "quantity" whereas most other officials focus on "quality." Zhang Zonghai, the former chief of Chongqing's propaganda department, had three requirements for his mistresses: must be a university graduate, single and pretty.

Xu's 140-plus mistresses may be an extreme example, but according to estimates by Wu Changchen, a professor who led the charge in amending China's marriage laws, around 95% of officials investigated for corruption have been found to have maintained relationships with women other than their wives.

Zhang Erjiang, the former party secretary of the city of Tianmen in Hubei province, was said to have had sexual relations with 107 women (not including his wife) between 1989 and 2001.

Li Qingpu, the former deputy head of the Hainan textile industry bureau, kept records of his conquests in four locked cabinets which contained 95 diaries detailing each of his sexual encounters and a strand of hair from each woman. Investigators reportedly found a total of 236 hairs in the diaries.

Leshan deputy mayor Li Yushu became the envy of his colleagues after finding a 16-year-old virgin to be his mistress, while former Xuancheng deputy party secretary Yan Feng used the management skills he picked up from his MBA degree to get all seven of his mistresses to co-exist peaceably.

Jin Weizhi, a vice-ministerial-level official, was said to have told people that there is no official at his level who doesn't have at least a few lovers. "It's not just for biological needs, it's a reflection of your status," he is alleged to have said. "Otherwise people will look down on you."

Mistresses have indeed in the past proved to be a test of an official's management skills and stamina. Hunan vice-ministerial official Zeng Guohua was forced to sign an agreement with his mistress under which he agreed to marry her by the time he turned 60 and to have sex with her at least three times a week, or else she would report him to the disciplinary authorities. In the end, Zeng turned himself in.




Xu Qiyao  徐其耀

Zhang Zonghai  張宗海

Wu Changchen  巫昌禎

Zhang Erjiang  張二江

Li Qingpu  李慶普

Li Yushu  李玉書

Yang Feng  楊楓

Jin Weizhi  金維芝

Zeng Guohua  曾國華

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