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Sichuan woman gets purse back with apology note from thief

  • Staff Reporte
  • 2013-05-22
  • 11:56 (GMT+8)

"Thank you very much!" said the thief. (Internet photo)

A woman who had her purse stolen in a park in Yibin in southwest China's Sichuan province eventually saw it returned — without the contents but with a note of apology from the thief, reports the local West China Metropolis Daily.

"To selectively return things to you was difficult for me, but I feel a bit better that at least I returned the purse," reads the note. Calling himself an "immature child," the conflicted thief wrote the apology in a mixture of Chinese and English. "I owe you, so you certainly hate me," the thief wrote, adding "Take care of yourself" and "Best wishes!!" in English.

Missing from the purse's contents was an iPhone 4S, more expensive than the purse and containing pictures of the woman's son inside. The woman posted a photo of the note on the internet and threatened to make public video clips of the thief. She demanded the return of her phone within the month, otherwise she said she would take the paper bag the thief used to wrap the purse to the police for fingerprint analysis.

Some netizens jeered at the letter, comparing it to a breakup note.

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