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19 yr old Jilin man becomes pole dancing coach

  • Staff Reporter
  • 2012-12-24
  • 10:14 (GMT+8)
Xiaozhao demonstrates his moves. (Photo/CNS)

Xiaozhao demonstrates his moves. (Photo/CNS)

A 19-year-old from man Jilin province has raised eyebrows in his community with his interest in pole dancing—performing, not watching.

The young man known by his nickame, Xiaozhao, has been working as a pole dancing coach for over a year. His interest in pole dancing began a year earlier.

Li Xuanxuan, a spokeswoman for the school where Xiaozhao conducts his classes, said that men's pole dancing combines both power and beauty. Although men need to spend more time in practice to hone their technique, their relative strength allows for more powerful displays giving them a performance edge over their female counterparts.

"I just like to dance. The pole is merely an accessory," says Xiaozhao. He says his friends find it odd that he enjoys the sport. And he says his family, especially his mother, was stunned the first time they saw him perform on stage.

Now having witnessed his success, his family support him. "Learning pole dancing made me more confident about myself," Xiaozhao said.


Er ren zhuan  二人轉

Xiaozhao  小昭

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