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'TV presenter' accuses Heilongjiang NPC delegate of rape

Staff Reporter 2012-11-29 13:20 (GMT+8)
The press credentials of Wang Dechun published online. (Internet photo)

The press credentials of Wang Dechun published online. (Internet photo)

A woman claiming to be a Heilongjiang TV news presenter named Wang Dechun has accused National People's Congress delegate Sun Dejiang of raping her while she was seven months pregnant and also forcing her to divorce her husband.

On Nov. 24, authorities in the northeastern province set up an emergency investigation to be overseen by the party's Central Disciplinary Committee, reports state broadcaster CCTV.

In a microblog post by internet user "Wang Wanderer 2012," the woman says she met Sun while covering a story about a local brewery of which he is the director. Through Sun, she arranged for her mother to be falsely registered as a retired employee of the brewery in order to receive pension payments. After the deal, she says Sun blackmailed her into maintaining an unwilling sexual relationship with him.

Wang says Sun in December 2009 forced her to have sex with him while she was seven months pregnant and shortly after was coerced into divorcing her husband.

Wang Wanderer 2012 also claims that Sun used his position to falsify documents to enable others to collect retirement benefits, illegally resold public property and was engaged in a variety of other illegal dealings for the benefit of family members and associates. To prove her identity, Wang published on the microblog account copies of press credentials issued in May this year, her national ID card and her mother's social insurance card.

However, the details about Wang Dechun available through China Reporters Net, an online government database of certified journalists, are inconsistent with those of the the press card posted online by Wang Wanderer 2012. The journalist's photo on the database is also does not closely resemble the woman in the photo published on the microblog post.

Reporters learned from the propaganda department of the provincial city of Shuangcheng that Wang Dechun was indeed a presenter with Shuangcheng television in Heilongjiang but left the job some years previously and is not currently living in the city.

As of Nov. 24, the microblog account Wang Wanderer 2012 has a different name and posts containing the accusations have been deleted.

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