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Kaohsiung People Crying: a film to heal and introduce local beauty

  • Staff Reporter
  • 2012-11-15
  • 11:07 (GMT+8)
A photo shot by Liu. (photo courtesy of Liu Chia-ta)

A photo shot by Liu. (photo courtesy of Liu Chia-ta)

A Taiwanese man has produced a 12-minute film using the 4,000 photos he shot during his trips to 26 districts in Kaohsiung, a city in southern Taiwan, to heal his wounds after a break up with his girlfriend. The film, which inadvertently makes for a stunning advertisement of the city, has gone viral on the internet, reports our sister newpaper China Times.

Liu Chia-ta, 28, was born and grew up in Kaohsiung. He spent a year riding his scooter for a total of 5,000 kilometers around the 26 districts, taking photos in the city. He named his film "Kaohsiung People Crying." He said he found that many local people do not know where they can take their friends to visit, so he tried to go to every corner of the city to find beautiful places.

Some internet users said even local Kaohsiung people would not be able to take such beautiful pictures of the local scenery as Liu did, with some accusing him of photoshopping his picture. Liu said that he did touch up some of the originals, but did not make drastic alterations to any in the series. Liu said he likes to aimlessly roam the city, and accidentally found may good spots that way.

Liu said he wanted to create a Facebook page called "The Tourism Bureau for not just one person" for those who enjoy taking photos around Taiwan. Some netizens have already registered.


Liu Chia-ta  劉嘉達

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