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Tardy Chengdu company staff get asked to take a hike

Staff Reporter 2012-11-15 09:21 (GMT+8)
Imagine doing this in your suit, up 19 flights. (Photo/Xinhua)

Imagine doing this in your suit, up 19 flights. (Photo/Xinhua)

A Chengdu company has asked their employees to take a hike — up the stairs — as a substitute for a monetary fine for being late to work. The method completely eliminated tardiness after only a month into its inception, reports Sichuan-based West China City Daily.

"The company is on the 19th floor. That means you need to climb 19 stories if you're late," said Jessica, an employee of the company. "There is no one late now," added Jessica.

At ten in the morning, a conversation pops up on Jessica and other employees' computer screens, asking those who were late to gather at the front desk to get ready for their exercise of shame. "We have no way to cheat because a co-worker keeps watch on every other story," Jessica said.

Jessica and her co-workers seem to support this new punishment, which is a replacement of the previous fine of 100 yuan (US$16) for being late. She said it takes about 15 minutes for her to finish the stairwell tour. "In the first week under the new punishment system, three were punished. Only one in the second week. There is almost no one late now," said Jessica.

The company treats those who finish climbing the stairs to candy and a beverage after the exercise. It actually asks every employee to climb the stairs every day to stay healthy. Those who are late need to climb for another round.

"I will be in a bad mood for a day if I get fined. Climbing stairs as a punishment is comparatively more acceptable," said a colleague of Jessica, who is preparing to get a reward of 200 yuan (US$32) offered by the company for being the first to finish the stairs.

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