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Taiwan's Taipei dubbed "gluttony" city by CNN

  • Staff Reporter
  • 2011-05-06
  • 12:07 (GMT+8)
American actor Rob Schneider and his wife enjoying snacks in the

American actor Rob Schneider and his wife enjoying snacks in the "City of Gluttony" last Thursday. (Photo/Kang Hong-chih)

A CNN report describing Taipei as a city of "gluttony" and Shengzhen as a city of "greed" provoked a great deal of online debate.

The CNN report introduced seven cities in the world by associating each with one of the seven sins.

In the introduction to Taipei, CNN said "Taipei sports 18 streets dedicated to nothing other than food. Where you might usually expect a bus shelter, instead you'll find a barbecue. Sidewalks become snack stalls. The pungent smell of stinky tofu fills the air."

CNN said night markets in Taipei are famous for their selection of foods. "The dishes may be little, but so are the prices, running around US$1-2 dollars. A fat gut never came so easily."

Taiwan's Tourism Bureau took the story as positive advertisement for Taiwan and an Internet user agreed, saying "the content is really complementary. The seven deadly sins from the Bible is just a figure of speech, there's no distortion or sarcasm."

CNN said Shenzhen, China was the city of greed. "When everyone else was tightening their belts, Shenzhen carried on regardless, pumping out billions of dollars worth of high-tech products."

CNN said "China's millionaires keep millionairing -- it won't be long before there are 1 million US dollar millionaires in the country, guided by Shenzhen's philosophy: if you can't make a million, make a billion."

Chinese netizens agreed with CNN's report of Shenzhen.

A netizen in Sina Weibo said now Chinese people are eager to make money and it is normal that Shengzhen is described as the most greedy city, which is like Taiwan 20 to 30 years ago.

Another netizen commented "it is a sin in Shengzhen to have no money."

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