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China to increase solar subsidies in response to EU tariffs

Staff Reporter 2013-06-06 12:41 (GMT+8)
A worker in Jiangsu province inspects solar panels for export to the EU. (Photo/CNS)

A worker in Jiangsu province inspects solar panels for export to the EU. (Photo/CNS)

China will introduce new strategies and increase the amount of subsidies available for the domestic solar industry in response to anti-dumping tariffs imposed by the European Commission, reports our Chinese-language sister paper Commercial Times.

The European Commission will impose the tariffs on Chinese imports after it accused the country of undercutting European rivals by selling solar panels at below-cost price and threatening 25,000 jobs in the European solar industry.

China's Golden Sun program, introduced in 2009 to assist the domestic solar industry, will come to an end this year, according to the Guangzhou-based 21st Century Business Herald. The National Development and Reform Commission has subsequently released a report saying that the government will release new policies by the end of the month to boost subsidy allowances for domestic enterprises.

Sources say that the State Council has already approved a plan targeting distributed photovoltaic power generation that will provide 20 years of subsidies but the plan's specifics have yet to be discussed.

Aside from the central government, provincial authorities are also rolling out initiatives encouraging the solar power industry. Southeast China's Jiangxi province will begin implementing a plan later this month that aims to install solar panels on 10,000 rooftops.

China is currently the world's largest solar panel manufacturer, with nearly all of its products exported overseas. As of last year, it only generated 7 gigawatts of solar power, but the capacity will be tripled by 2015 in line the country's 12th five-year economic development plan.

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