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Padding out time: iPad workers in Shenzhen go idle

Staff Reporter 2012-03-28 16:16 (GMT+8)
Sales of Apple's latest iPad have been underwhelming. (File photo/Xinhua)

Sales of Apple's latest iPad have been underwhelming. (File photo/Xinhua)

A number of Foxconn workers in China say they have less to do recently due to the sluggish sales of Apple's latest iPad.

One employee surnamed Wang said he has already has 10 days off this month. "Holiday! Another holiday again! I might not even make 2,000 yuan (US$317) this month!" Wang said.

Wang, who assembles iPads on Foxconn's assembly line in Shenzhen in southern China, said the number of iPads required to be assembled every day has declined sharply from this month.

"The new iPad entered mass production at the beginning of this year," Wang said. "At first we worked eight hours a day, sometimes two hours of overtime were required. We assembled 1,000 iPads within 10 hours. In February, we produced 150 to 180 iPads per hour."

"However, moving forward to March, sometimes we have not even been able to work five days a week."

One month ago, Wang was working six days a week, but this has now been cut to four. He had hoped to buy some new furniture for his family but will struggle to do so if he cannot work sufficient hours.

Wang revealed that three out of 20 assembly lines on his floor are set to be switched over for making other products and employees will be reassigned.

On the streets of Hong Kong a similar story emerges. A man who trades consumer electronics told reporters that some scalpers who had hoped to make money by buying iPads in Hong Kong to sell in China are feeling overstocked and are failing to make the hefty markups they have managed in the past.

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