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Economic success in China to be shared with Taiwan: Zhang Zhijun

  • CNA
  • 2014-06-28
  • 14:12 (GMT+8)
Zhang Zhijun, right, visits a fruit farm in Kaohsiung, June 27. (Photo/CNA)

Zhang Zhijun, right, visits a fruit farm in Kaohsiung, June 27. (Photo/CNA)

China would like to share its economic achievements with Taiwan rather than swallowing up its economy, China's top official on Taiwan affairs said Friday during meetings at a local university.

Taiwan Affairs Office chief Zhang Zhijun said at I-Shou University in Kaohsiung that China's service sector is experiencing rapid growth as part of the mainland's economic restructuring, and he hoped the results of that growth could be shared with Taiwan.

He also expressed hope that cross-strait economic exchanges could expand the reach of their benefits and bring prosperity to people at all different levels of society.

Also attending the meeting of university officials was E United Group chairperson Lin I-Shou, the founder of the school, who also urged cross-strait businesses to forge stronger partnerships.

Officials of TAO and its Taiwanese counterpart, the Mainland Affairs Council, were also present.

The meeting was followed by a gathering consisting of Zheng, cross-strait officials, and 20 student representatives.

Only the last five minutes of the gathering were open to the media.

The 13 Taiwanese students and seven Chinese students spent half an hour giving Zhang presentations on their time on the other side of the strait.

Zhang said during the period that he hopes both Chinese and Taiwanese students can visit the other side of the strait more often to understand each other better.

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