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Over half of Taiwan's public supports DPP-China exchanges: poll

CNA and Staff Reporter 2012-11-28 10:10 (GMT+8)

Over 50% of members of the public in Taiwan polled in a survey published on Sunday support exchanges between the country's opposition Democratic Progressive Party and the Chinese Communist Party, while less than 25% are against it.

Some 57.1% of the people polled said they supported the idea of "party-to-party exchange" between the DPP and CPC, while 23.4% were against the idea, DPP research institute Taiwan Thinktank said.

Around 19.5% said they did not have an opinion on the matter, the thinktank said.

Hsu Yung-ming, convener of the thinktank's poll group, said that out of the total pan-green respondents, 55.7% supported such exchanges.

Tung Li-wen, former director of the DPP's Department of China Affairs, said that as was the case with earlier surveys — those in favor of maintaining ties with China had outnumbered those against.

That said, the percentage of people who are against the idea remained high, indicating that the public still had concerns about China, he said.

Commenting on DPP's recently established China Affairs Committee, Tung said the party should open communication channels and initiate dialogue within Taiwanese society to find a consensus, as well as within the party.

The DPP used to criticize the ruling Kuomintang for leaving public consultation out of its decision to improve ties with China, he said, adding that it was time now for the DPP to correct the KMT's "mistake."

The survey, commissioned by the thinktank, was conducted among people aged 20 years and older, from Nov. 21-23. Based on the 1,072 collected samples, the survey had a confidence level of 95% and a margin of error of plus or minus three percentage points.

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