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New Party leaves pan-blue camp to pursue pro-China line

Staff Reporter 2012-11-28 08:50 (GMT+8)
New Party Chairman Yok Mu-ming. (File photo/Huang Shih-chi)

New Party Chairman Yok Mu-ming. (File photo/Huang Shih-chi)

Taiwan's minority pro-unification New Party has vowed to open up Taiwan to China and build a "new China where people enjoy freedom, democracy and equal prosperity" as it announced on Nov. 26 that it will leave the pan-blue camp led by the ruling Kuomintang.

"We will combine the power of the 'pan-red,' 'pan-blue' and 'pan-green' to develop a new phenomenon," said Yok Mu-ming, the party's chairman.

Yok also said that the party will begin to organize seminars around Taiwan from December as the party bids to recruit more supporters.

Yok said the New Party is in favor of eliminating legal discrimination against Chinese nationals in Taiwan, lifting bans against Chinese investment in construction projects to strengthen local infrastructure, recruiting more Chinese professionals to work in Taiwan, allowing more Chinese media to be stationed in Taiwan and initiating political talks with Beijing on building military trust.

"We must stop the infighting between the pan-blue and the pan-green camps to revive Taiwan's economy and create a brighter future for our descendants," Yok said.

Yok said New Party members have been expecting President Ma Ying-jeou to "do something" but they have been disappointed.

"We will develop a new game but we are not related to the pan-blue camp anymore. We need to be responsible for our next generation but it will not be stuck in the pan-blue camp and do nothing," Yok said.




Yok Mu-ming  郁慕明

Ma Ying-jeou  馬英九

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