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Bo Xilai dismissal divides China's leftist academics

Staff Reporter 2012-04-05 12:00 (GMT+8)
Kong Qingdong of Peking University admitted Bo Xilai gave him 1 million yuan (US$158,000). (Internet photo)

Kong Qingdong of Peking University admitted Bo Xilai gave him 1 million yuan (US$158,000). (Internet photo)

After the removal from office of Chongqing party secretary Bo Xilai, an internal struggle has surfaced among members or supporters of China's radical left, according to a report from the Hong Kong-based Apple Daily.

Yang Fan, a professor at China University of Political Science and Law in Beijing and one of the creators of Utopia, a website which praises the policies of the Mao Zedong era and opposes the economic reforms begun under his successor Deng Xiaoping. Since Kong Qingdong, a leftist professor from Peking University, admitted that he received 1 million yuan (US$158,800) from Chongqing as a research fund, Yang Fan speculated that websites like Utopia may have received money from Bo Xilai as well.

According to Dr Huang He, a Chinese-American political analyst interviewed by the Sound of Hope Radio Network, based in the United States and run by overseas Chinese who are opposed to the government in Beijing, Bo Xilai's socialist "Chongqing Model" was a lie and the only way for Bo to gain support from prominent scholars in China was through bribery. As the co-author of the book Chongqing Model, Yang Fan in an interview with Guangzhou-based Time Weekly called on the government of Chongqing to show the public how much money the party chief had given to leftist academics or organizations like Utopia.

Yang said that all the money and property seized by Bo Xilai and his police chief Wang Lijun during the "Strike Black" campaign against organized crime should be returned because their actions were absolutely illegal.

Novelist Hang Yiwei meanwhile thanked Kong Qingdong on his microblog for admitting taking money from Bo Xilai. Hang said this certainly proves that figures on the left were not as idealistic as they claimed to be because all of them praised Mao Zedong or Bo Xilai for money as well.




Yang Fan  楊帆

Huang He  橫河

Hang Yiwei  航億葦

Bo Xilai  薄熙來

Wang Lijun  王立軍

Utopia  烏有之鄉

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