Knowing China through Taiwan

  • Saturday, April 19, 2014
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  • 'Princeling' Levin Zhu steps out of father's shadow

    'Princeling' Levin Zhu steps out of father's shadow

    The expected Communist Party leadership handover to Vice President Xi Jinping at the upcoming 18th National Congress has cast the spotlight on what role Xi's fellow "princelings" — a term used to describe the descendants of powerful party officials — will have in shaping the future of the country. One of the most prominent princelings in China's business circles expected to have a key impact on ...

Who's Who

  • Lin Jianhua (林建華)

    Lin Jianhua (林建華)

    Lin Jianhua is the president of Zhejiang University, an expert in chemistry and education. Born in 1955, Lin is a native of Gaomi in Shandong ...