Knowing China through Taiwan

  • Friday, October 3, 2014
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  • Japan sniffs at Taiwan's toilet culture

    Japan sniffs at Taiwan's toilet culture

    Unlike people in other Asian countries, the Japanese, known for their scrupulously hygienic habits of maintaining odor-free bathrooms with clean surfaces, are usually shocked by the variety of toilet cultures they encounter when they travel to other countries. For instance, Japanese tourists are said to be frequently distressed at the lack of clean public toilet facilities in Taiwan. In ...

Who's Who

  • Xia Baolong (夏寶龍)

    Xia Baolong (夏寶龍)

    Xia Baolong is the Communist Party secretary of Zhejiang province. A native of Tianjin, he was born in 1952, graduated from the Economy Institute of ...